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Independent Phonological Assessment and Analyses

Independent Phonological Assessment and Analyses

Early Intervention
Speech Sound Disorder

LIVE 3pm ET Wednesday 7/24/24

This session will start with the first stage of the clinical process, characterization. This is when SLPs utilize independent assessment tools and independent analyses to fully describe a child’s sound system. The ultimate goal is to help the child independently produce a range of singletons and consonant clusters. Second, participants will learn about complexity principles that inform target selection and predict how targets will reorganize the sound system. Third, systems of progress monitoring will be described. Practitioners want children to learn the complex cluster targets; however, the bigger target is the SYSTEM. Finally, attendees will analyze data from a student named Jack whose sound system expanded rapidly after working on the /skw-/, /θɹ-/, and /spl-/ clusters.


  • Jennifer Richard

    M.A., CCC-SLP

    Jennifer Taps Richard is a speech-language pathologist in the San Diego Unified School District. She provides classroom and small group services to children grades TK-5. Additionally, Jennifer teaches graduate students at San Diego State University and owns SLPath LLC, promoting best practices in speech sound disorder intervention through online resources and intensive workshops.

Learning Objectives

Describe the rationale and tasks for conducting in-depth assessments that allow full characterization of a child’s sound system.
Discuss the principles of complexity that underscore treatment target selection and the body of research that supports this methodology.
Develop progress monitoring systems to ensure goals are met, especially increased intelligibility.



20 minutesIn-Depth Assessment: Characterization of the Sound System
20 minutesComplexity Principles that Inform Target Selection and Predictions about Reorganization
5 minutesProgress Monitoring
10 minutesCase Study: Jack
5 minutesQ & A



Financial Disclosures:Jennifer Taps Richard owns and directs SLPath. She is an author/speaker and receives compensation for her presentations and materials.
Non-Financial Disclosures:Jennifer Taps Richard has no non-financial relationships to disclose.
Content Disclosures:Jennifer Taps Richard has no additional content information to disclose.
In-Kind Donations: This course is being sponsored by SLP Toolkit and SLP Now.



This course is offered for .1 ASHA CEUs, Intermediate Level, Professional Area

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