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As our world keeps on spinning and throwing new challenges our way, we've gotta keep up, right? And let's face it, staying on top of our game isn't always a walk in the park. That's where we come in. Summer Camp is back for another exciting summer. Your camp counselors are none other than SLPs who just like you, tackling those challenges day in and day out!
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SLP: AAC & Assistive Tech
SLP: Caseload Management

Using Artificial Intelligence for Speech Therapy Lesson Planning

reviews how a speech language pathologist can use Artificial Intelligence as a tool for speech therapy planning. Multiple online Artificial Intelligence tools were reviewed for lesson planning, material creation, material modification, progress monitoring and goal planning. Participants will be taught the benefits and risk factors of the new technology.

Kristin Testani


SLP: AAC & Assistive Tech
SLP: Caseload Management

Tips and Tricks for Executive Functioning in the Clinic and Classroom

Executive Functioning difficulties can make social and academic settings challenging. This course provided participants with a working definition of the term "Executive Functioning" and detailed the elements of emotional control, self regulation, planning, organizing, execution and more. Speech Language Pathologists were offered strategies to use with students immediately!

Danielle Moore


OT Early Intervention
SLP: Early Intervention
SLP: Language Disorders
Early Ed/Parents: Family Engagement
Early Ed/Parents: Child Development

An Introduction to Baby Sign Language

This course explores the impact on language development when teaching Baby Sign Language to a pre-verbal infant.

M. Summer Seymour


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What an amazing dynamic having all the panelists together in this meeting. It was great hearing them answering questions and reinforcing what we have learned. Thank you so much for your time!

Joan M

Such a great speaker and really loved the case studies!

Shelby F

Excellent course. I needed this refresher. Great information and strategies were provided.

Ljalu F

Thank you so much for this amazing course! I have been trying to figure out how I could potential do a side gig with items or ideas I have but no clue where to start. Love your business and so appreciate your time making this. Super helpful and greatly appreciate you confirming the idea of "embracing criticism"

Lynn R

Great presentation! So much info, will need to go back an view again to absorb it all!

Simmi M

I enjoyed all of these courses included in this literacy series! I feel like I could have continued to listen to these ladies and dive even deeper into this information. Great series!

Lisa S