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The SLP Summit is a premier online conference that brings together SLPs from around the globe. Established in 2017, this event has grown to become a trusted source of knowledge, inspiration, and networking opportunities within the field of speech, language and hearing sciences and beyond.
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Speech Pathologize the Bleep Out of Your IEP Meetings

Have you ever sat in an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting and thought, "Please don't ask to see my data?" Even when speech language pathologists (SLPs) have available data, it is usually housed on paper or in binders, making it hard to decipher, hard to access and hard to convey at meetings. School SLPs across the nation often face caseloads of 65+ students and may work with preschool through 12th grade with a wide range of communication needs, which compounds the issue of how to best collect data for a variety of needs throughout the school year. This course will focus on how to streamline the collection and analysis of data for a variety of purposes, including treatment efficacy, progress monitoring, and writing treatment plans using cutting edge technology.

Lisa Kathman


Sarah Bevier


The Ethical Implications of Dynamic Assessment in School-based SLP Services

This course is designed for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) seeking to enhance their understanding of ethical considerations in dynamic assessment. Gain practical insights into ethical decision-making specific to dynamic assessment and enhance your professional competence and confidence. This course is a must-see for SLPs working in schools, early intervention, or related educational settings, as well as professionals seeking to navigate ethical challenges in dynamic assessment.

Anuj Bhatnagar


“Issa Hit or Miss”: The Impact of ADHD on Communication and Interaction

This course will provide professionals with information about Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and its impact on communication and interaction. It will introduce, or review, the characteristics of ADHD-Inattentive type, ADHD-Hyperactive type, and ADHD-Mixed type. It will discuss the areas of the brain impacted by ADHD, the stigma and/or misconceptions attached to it, and the importance of applying neurodiversity-affirming care. Finally, it will provide specific examples of the communication differences and challenges that are seen in people with ADHD, as well as strategies for providing neurodiversity-affirming support. Attendees will walk away with practical information that may be applied immediately to empower and advocate for those with ADHD, educate others on ADHD, and provide meaningful intervention strategies to people with ADHD.

Aieshea Banks


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What an amazing dynamic having all the panelists together in this meeting. It was great hearing them answering questions and reinforcing what we have learned. Thank you so much for your time!

Joan M

Such a great speaker and really loved the case studies!

Shelby F

Excellent course. I needed this refresher. Great information and strategies were provided.

Ljalu F

Thank you so much for this amazing course! I have been trying to figure out how I could potential do a side gig with items or ideas I have but no clue where to start. Love your business and so appreciate your time making this. Super helpful and greatly appreciate you confirming the idea of "embracing criticism"

Lynn R

Great presentation! So much info, will need to go back an view again to absorb it all!

Simmi M

I enjoyed all of these courses included in this literacy series! I feel like I could have continued to listen to these ladies and dive even deeper into this information. Great series!

Lisa S